UKIP’s Jack Sen is Giacomo Vallone (EKP)

I would like to dedicate this site to Jack Sen – who made quite a scene on the internet as his online alias, Giacomo Vallone. Giacomo Vallone hasn’t been as active online as he usually is – due to his real-life counterpart, Jack Sen, being busy campaigning for West Lancashire. However, it would seem like Jack Sen decided to drop out, and also appears he may have sent himself some “death threats” in order to have a reason to back out of the campaign.

It is here I will link all articles and comments regarding Giacomo Vallone’s conduct online, as well as my own investigation. I really would prefer not to bother doing so, as the last thing I’d like to do is give Jack Sen/Giacomo Vallone any thought, but sometimes we all have to get around to doing the chore we’d rather not do. Updates will be added as needed.

Thank you to the many people who have helped, albeit indirectly, make the creation of this site possible.