MajorityRight’s thoughts on Giacomo and EKP

*The site creator doesn’t necessarily share the viewpoints of the author of this article – it’s only here to serve as an example of another iduvidual’s own experience(s) with Jack Sen.*

The following is a portion from‘s article entitled “Jewish Control of the British Empire, Divide and Conquer, Comandeering European War efforts“:

Also, now at “ANN” is one “Giacomo Vallone” of “The European Knights Project” (terrible site, absurd rhetoric), who is pandering to this anti-Polish angle. Lame and badly motivated as his rhetoric clearly is toward Poles*, their impact on Britain is hard to defend and, with that, it is more difficult to allay heavy handed arguments such as his that Hitler was simply on the right side; as Poles, one of the best warranted nations to oppose Hitler, impinge upon an Allied nation.

* Now, why do I say that Giacomo Vallone is pandering and taking advantage of the largely desperate, opportunistic kind of Pole who have gone to Britain en masse? Several months back I heard him on Renegade talking with Dana Antiochus, saying that Germans hated Poles and that Poles hated Germans. I had to respond with a comment as it simply is not true, certainly not from the Polish end that hatred of Germans is remotely characteristic and anything like a preoccupation. But Giacomo persisted in trying to stir-up this animus between Poles and Germans and from other European countries against Poland as well. How? By using sock puppets, various pseudonyms who supposedly avowed to the mutual hatred of Poles and their neighbors. These comments “testifying” to his truth were all written tactlessly, with almost no attempt to so much as change the language and usage despite supposedly coming from different sources. The deception was confirmed by Kyle Hunt as these “testimonies” came from the same IP.