Jack Sen: Hijacker

Jack Sen, aka Giacomo Vallone, has built a reputation for hijacking pro-white and anti-Marxist Facebook pages. Usually under a different alias, the most common being “Natalia Savchuk” and “Beverly Hargreaves” amongst others, he would worm his way into a page and promote his European Knights Project and things related.

One of the more well-known hijacking is that of the page “Smash Cultural Marxism”. After partnering with “Giacomo Vallone”, Smash Cultural Marxism decided it was time to part, and did so in a very sincere and cordial manner.

Jack Sen did not take it so well, though. After saying the page was “hijacked by Marxists and anti-Westerners” he promptly created another Facebook page, playing off SCM’s name and their backup page (Smash Cultural Marxism – The Originals) called “Smash Cultural Marxism – the Originals” (link: https://www.facebook.com/smash.cultural.marxism.originals?fref=ts) where he continues to promote himself (Jack Sen) and his EKP site.

Jack Sen has been caught using Blackhat SEO tactics, Spamdexing, Spoofing, Impersonation, and has stolen the intellectual property of others – which he claims on his site as his own. From a comment which is registered to his IP address and email, he boasts about his stealing someone else’s intellectual property known as “Smash Cultural Marxism” (SCM):.. I decided Id continue to run as it was generating me too much interest.Google SCM and youll fnd their page on my site comes in second. why would I delete it?” and later goes on to say “SCM is all but mine now due to the fact they crossed me”.

He still hosts SCM as his own on his EKP site, refusing to take them down.



Here’s a snapshot of the ‘about’ portion of his counterfeit page below:

SCM hijack



Here’s an album containing related images:

Screenshots have been collected by myself and have been sent in by others.


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