Jack Sen: An Anti-White Pseudo-Nationalist

It appears obvious to anyone that has followed Giacomo Vallone for a short amount of time, that he constantly attacks the idea of ethno- nationalism. He opposes the idea a nations meant for whites only. However, it’s okay for the European nations to become racial melting-pots, as long as they adopt the “Western culture”. While this may slow the eventually “browning out” of European nations, it definitely won’t stop it. And further still, it will be impossible for non-Whites fully adopt “Western culture”, as any keen anthropologist will note, it’s the race that creates the culture – their form of civilization rising only as high as their race can maintain. Historians will note that once two or more races are mixed together, that the civilization  changes along with the people – either collapsing entirely or devolving into a lesser form of itself, as in the cases observed where this has happened to what were previously White civilizations.

1. The white race has founded all civilizations.

2. The white race remaining white has not lost civilizations.

3. The white race become hybrid has not retained civilization.

– Earnest S. Cox, White America, Congress Edition, 1925, p . 23

The failure of a nation to remain white has occurred by: 1) The migration of  the white race out the land, 2) The migration of other racial elements into the land, 3) The social or legal acceptance or racial equality and admixture.

One or a combination of these situations has lead to the decline and ruin of every great civilization. They all basically result in a displacement or debasement of the original characteristics that created and made up the civilization.

But, hey – it’s amazing whites could even get around to building civilization according to Jack Sen, since the white-nationalist Western man can hardly get along without taking a drunken whiz on a monument whilst three bites into a cheeseburger:


But it looks like when Jack Sen, posing as Giacomo Vallone, isn’t painting white-nationalists to be absolute degenerates, he’s busy denying White genocide though their displacement and debasement – as well as making sure to distance himself from ethno-nationalist movements as a few screenshots from one of his articles show us:



This a personal favourite, of which truly showcases Jack Sen’s ignorance:


He does not care if whites are displaced. He only cares to live in the comfort which White Western civilization has brought him.


He goes as far as to call ethno-nationalism “communistic in nature and opposed to true nationalism” whilst spreading his anti-white propaganda through his various Facebook pages:

 screenshot dww

Of course he has to pop in under one of his aliases and act as the ‘voice of reason’. I guess if there’s whites practicing their own culture in their own nations, it’s considered international Communism. I suppose that’s why he believes the nations (European nations, anyway) must be mixed, because if there’s too many whites in their own nations, their whiteness begins to permeate national boundaries and becomes internationalized – and we all know how too many whites living in their own locations opens the door to all sorts of Communistic practices!

If you have any doubts about his being in favour of making European nations racial melting-pots, just read the EKP’s other “about” section.

ekp about

The shameless attempt to pander to “Christians” is a nice touch (even though Jack has admitted on air that he himself is not a Christian, or anything else for that matter). If only you put forth some time and effort in your writing, then it might look like you actually gave a rat’s ass about “god” and “Jesus’s name” instead of some lazy catch-all panderer.

If Jack Sen truly was a man of quality, he would not go through the trouble of sinking to such disgusting depths. There are great examples of non-Whites lending Whites their hand – but Jack Sen is not one of those people. Hell, if Jack Sen were to embrace the fact he’s a non-white of Indian heritage and be proud of that fact, and fight for the people of which he belongs to, I’d be proud of the man – just as I am for people of African and Asian origin do the same for their own. Each and every race, and ethnicity, needs one of their own to work towards the betterment of their own people and nation. Northern India is a beautiful place, and it is home to some very great people – a few of which I have met personally – but India is largely in need of someone to step up to help and pursue their better interests. Help which someone like Jack Sen could offer if he chose to, if he wasn’t so wonting of white Western civilization, or trying to be something he’s not.