Giacomo Vallone’s EKP advertises UKIP’s Jack Sen

Recently, Jack Sen had an interview with himself which was published at the EKP website. Jack Sen, posing as Giacomo Vallone, poses some questions to and showers praise at his real-life counterpart:

Once knowing the connections between “Giacomo Vallone” and Jack Sen, it’s easy to see that this is a self-conducted interview.

I did get a kick out of this, though:
“Although he disagrees with our belief in ethno-nationalism..” – “Giacomo Vallone”

Sheesh… even on the EKP’s ‘about’ section says: “We seek to bring honourable men & women of all ethnicities together under the banner of Western ‘culturalism'”. Did Jack Sen’s alter-ego Giacomo change his opinon just for this interview, or is he just being inconsistent as usual?

Saying that he “seeks to and women of all ethnicities together under..Western ‘culturalism'” means that he doesn’t give a damn of the indigenous Whites. He believes that as long as every race of every colour mixes together and tries to act White then it’s perfectly fine.

Let’s just ask Egypt and Rome how that worked out for them…


Here are some screenshots of Facebook pages that Jack Sen either created and/or weaseled his way into under an alias, and used them to promote himself.


You’ll also notice he calls himself an Afrikaner in order to better appeal to his audience, when in reality the man is half Indian and grew up in New York!



Oh, yeah – he hijacked the “Smash Cultural Marxism” name and logo after being asked to leave after having wormed his way into the page.

(You’ll notice he comments on his own posts while pretending to be a different entity quite a bit)

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There seems to be a limitless supply of these images I can show you, but I’m sure you get the idea – and I don’t need to waste both our time doing so.