Both Jack Sen and Gio pander to South Africa

Giacomo Vallone first built his following by exploiting the terrible situation in South Africa – and continues to do so. The article he admits being most proud about is not one about the deaths of White South Africans, but dog-rape. While any voice that raises awareness about South African genocide is a good thing (yes, even Jack Sen/Giacomo’s articles on the subject), it is the mindset Jack that makes it awful. While others do it selflessly to raise awareness, Jack seems to do it solely to raise his popularity. Jack Sen even goes so far to blatantly rip off articles as old as 10-years-old, just tweaking them enough to suit his needs. Taking advantage of someone else’s pain and suffering to garnish popularity is low as one can get.


Giacomo “Jack” Vallone panders to South Africa. Here’s Jack Sen pandering to South Africa: confessed in the comments at the Renegade Tribune that he was mixed. In this article it says, “Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally.

A bit from the EKP’s old ‘about’ page says: “..let’s say the Sikh Indian that’s owned the restaurant in my community..”

Jack Sen says, “I am foremost a British patriot.” Giacomo “Jack” Vallone says, “I am a European patriot (do NOT like the word white as it only serves to divides Nordic eurosfrom southern Meds-prefer Eur, Aryan or Indo Eur)”.

What makes this man even more nauseating, is how he tries to defame a page that’s reporting the White genocide in South Africa – calling Censorbugbear Reports a “Zionist shill” for voicing an opinion about the Jack Sen’s EKP.
Notice how it’s a “Beverly Hargreaves” – a known fake account of Jack’s – is the one causing ruckus.
In Jack Sen’s opinion, it’s better to talk about the misguided whites in South Africa, dog rape, and insulting the memories of those who have died horrible deaths by plagiarizing their original stories for “hits” and “likes”. Thankfully there are a collective handful of Boer an Afrikaner folks who have been made aware and are spreading the word in South Africa about Giacomo Vallone and his real identity, as well as his usurious and snake-like character.