UKIP’s Jack Sen is Giacomo Vallone (EKP)

I would like to dedicate this site to Jack Sen – who made quite a scene on the internet as his online alias, Giacomo Vallone. Giacomo Vallone hasn’t been as active online as he usually is – due to his real-life counterpart, Jack Sen, being busy campaigning for West Lancashire. However, it would seem like Jack Sen decided to drop out, and also appears he may have sent himself some “death threats” in order to have a reason to back out of the campaign.

It is here I will link all articles and comments regarding Giacomo Vallone’s conduct online, as well as my own investigation. I really would prefer not to bother doing so, as the last thing I’d like to do is give Jack Sen/Giacomo Vallone any thought, but sometimes we all have to get around to doing the chore we’d rather not do. Updates will be added as needed.

Thank you to the many people who have helped, albeit indirectly, make the creation of this site possible.




Investigation: Jack Sen is Giacomo Vallone

Back when I first heard about Gio, a friend of mine thought that Giacomo Vallone may be somebody who’s aspiring to be a member of UKIP, and is looking to garnish some limelight for himself in order to raise his popularity and political standing.

It appears he was right.

So here’s the information collected thus far…

This is a snapshot of one of his many accounts – notice the two blogs – one rings something familiar to a certain disgusting site, and the other is “West Lancs Herald” (

gio early
Well, here’s a link to the website that has popped up in recent time:

Notice how it says Prospective Parliamentary candidate”. Gio’s been sharing links to this site all over the place through his fake accounts and pages.

So here’s the real kicker: – take a read under the header of “UKIP West Lancs Website: A Family Affair” (almost halfway down the page) and and see if you notice anything familiar:


“Gio” claims his name is Giacomo “Jack” Vallone.  In interviews “Giacomo” always says “Just call me Jack”. On his UKIPWestLancs site, the name of the candidate is Jack Sen.

Jack Sen’s wife is named Natalie, according to the UKIPWestLancs site. One of Giacomo’s fake profiles is “Nataliya”. Similarities, to be sure. Also, Giacomo’s always going on about his “blue-eyed, blonde-haired” wife and his kids.

Also of interest – a post from that profile:

On a related note, a message I received from a colleague: 


That Natiliya profile is also Gio, obviously, it is the account he used to contact all the [Facebook] pages he wormed his way into. Those are the screenshots from European Traditionalism this week. Same garbage he has been posting all over.

So, from a bit off of the UKIPWestLancs page he says: “I have deep roots in the community. My family’s lived in Aughton for three generations.”

Now, I thought I’ve seen something similar before, on the EKP’s old “About” page, where Giacomo “Jack” Vallone said: “…let’s say the Sikh Indian that’s owned the restaurant in my community for three generations…”

Also, Giacomo “Jack” Vallone is from Lancashire, and this Jack Sen is from Lancashire as well.

We all know of the shameless pandering to/exploitation of the South Africa situation Giacomo “Jack” Vallone does. Jack Sen also has this in common, it seems:
Another interesting bit to mention is that the article appears to have been penned by Giacomo as well, judging from the writing style.

However, it’s what’s in the article that matters. Aside from a garbage coming out Jack Sen’s mouth, this one bit caught my eye: “Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally.”

Remember that Giacomo “Jack” Vallone confessed in the comments at the Renegade Tribune that he was of mixed blood. This comment by Jack Sen also heralds back to the one made by Gio: “..let’s say the Sikh Indian that’s owned the restaurant in my community..” One page admin I been in contact with had been guessing he may have been Sikh, also. Jack Sen says, “I am foremost a British patriot.” This also calls back to the comments left at, where Giacomo “Jack” Vallone says, I am a patriot-specifically, a Western European patriot” and “I am a European patriot (do NOT like the word white as it only serves to divides Nordic euros from southern Meds-prefer Eur, Aryan or Indo Eur)”Also, the website information for each domain is interesting:

We also get this email from the last link: A search for that only brings me to – which is kind of strange. Perhaps the Registrant name and email belongs to his and/or mother? However, Ringwood was also the Registrant street for the UKIPWestLancs page.

Here’s a snapshot of another of Giacomo “Jack” Vallone’s fake accounts – Natasha Alexendra:


Now, take a look at Jack Sen’s page: http://

**That link is now dead since posting, but the same information can be seen here**

Same picture. Also, notice the winking emoticon in the caption of the 2nd picture – a trademark Giacomo uses all too often.

Another article, featuring Jack Sen and mention of his family, says “Jack is married to Nathalie and has a young daughter Alexandra”

Now we’ve got the same name!

Also, if you have ever read or listened to “Giacomo Vallone”, you may remember how he said he went to school in New York. Turns out he wasn’t lying. It appears Jack Sen went to school in New York as well. Syracuse University, to be exact:

Anyway, this is all I’ve been able to collect at the moment. But I think it’s safe to say that all the information only points to one thing…

Let me introduce you to UKIP candidate Jack Sen

– otherwise known as Giacomo “Jack” Vallone!

Giacomo “Jack” Vallone panders to South Africa. Jack Sen pandering to South Africa:
“Jack Sen is the UK Independence Party (UKIP) parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, in Britain and believes South Africa Minority group could benefit if Britain leaves the EU. Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally.”
Giacomo confessed in the comments at Renegade that he was mixed. In this article it says:
“Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally.”
And in an old version of his EKP’s ‘about’ page section, there’s a bit where it says:
“..let’s say the Sikh Indian that’s owned the restaurant in my community..”
Jack Sen says, “I am foremost a British patriot.”
Giacomo “Jack” Vallone says, “I am a European patriot (do NOT like the word white as it only serves to divides Nordic euros from southern Meds-prefer Eur, Aryan or Indo Eur)”

And if that wasn’t enough, as of May 17, 2015, we have video and audio of Jack Sen.

Now go ahead and listen an interview with “Giacomo Vallone”. You’ll notice many of the same mannerisms, phrases, voice inflections, etc. My guess is he hams up his voice a bit and, knowing Jack Sen grew up in New York, he probably is able to switch between accents fairly easily.

**For quick reference, there will hopefully be a few bits of audio of Jack Sen and “Giacomo Vallone” will be published here in the future.**

I’ve also found it quite convenient that Jack Sen now has a column on the EKP website, and well as his Twitter feed displayed instead of Giacomo’s.

 JAck Sen tweets
“Racially Centrist” is a well fit for Jack Sen, considering he, like Giacomo, believes race has little to do with a nation’s well-being – only the culture matters.
But please, remember to donate to the EKP to help support their (his) brand of multiracial and anti-white pseudo-nationalism (civic nationalism) and disinformation!
They could sincerely use the extra shekels!
(This image is a joke, Jack – I know you’ll try and play it like it was meant to be taken literally and spin it. I am in no way saying you are in fact a Jew, but rather the content of your character certainly meets their criteria.)

Jack Sen: Hijacker

Jack Sen, aka Giacomo Vallone, has built a reputation for hijacking pro-white and anti-Marxist Facebook pages. Usually under a different alias, the most common being “Natalia Savchuk” and “Beverly Hargreaves” amongst others, he would worm his way into a page and promote his European Knights Project and things related.

One of the more well-known hijacking is that of the page “Smash Cultural Marxism”. After partnering with “Giacomo Vallone”, Smash Cultural Marxism decided it was time to part, and did so in a very sincere and cordial manner.

Jack Sen did not take it so well, though. After saying the page was “hijacked by Marxists and anti-Westerners” he promptly created another Facebook page, playing off SCM’s name and their backup page (Smash Cultural Marxism – The Originals) called “Smash Cultural Marxism – the Originals” (link: where he continues to promote himself (Jack Sen) and his EKP site.

Jack Sen has been caught using Blackhat SEO tactics, Spamdexing, Spoofing, Impersonation, and has stolen the intellectual property of others – which he claims on his site as his own. From a comment which is registered to his IP address and email, he boasts about his stealing someone else’s intellectual property known as “Smash Cultural Marxism” (SCM):.. I decided Id continue to run as it was generating me too much interest.Google SCM and youll fnd their page on my site comes in second. why would I delete it?” and later goes on to say “SCM is all but mine now due to the fact they crossed me”.

He still hosts SCM as his own on his EKP site, refusing to take them down.


Here’s a snapshot of the ‘about’ portion of his counterfeit page below:

SCM hijack



Here’s an album containing related images:

Screenshots have been collected by myself and have been sent in by others.

To make images larger, click the actions button (the gear) and click “view full resolution”.

Giacomo Vallone’s EKP advertises UKIP’s Jack Sen

Recently, Jack Sen had an interview with himself which was published at the EKP website. Jack Sen, posing as Giacomo Vallone, poses some questions to and showers praise at his real-life counterpart:

Once knowing the connections between “Giacomo Vallone” and Jack Sen, it’s easy to see that this is a self-conducted interview.

I did get a kick out of this, though:
“Although he disagrees with our belief in ethno-nationalism..” – “Giacomo Vallone”

Sheesh… even on the EKP’s ‘about’ section says: “We seek to bring honourable men & women of all ethnicities together under the banner of Western ‘culturalism'”. Did Jack Sen’s alter-ego Giacomo change his opinon just for this interview, or is he just being inconsistent as usual?

Saying that he “seeks to and women of all ethnicities together under..Western ‘culturalism'” means that he doesn’t give a damn of the indigenous Whites. He believes that as long as every race of every colour mixes together and tries to act White then it’s perfectly fine.

Let’s just ask Egypt and Rome how that worked out for them…


Here are some screenshots of Facebook pages that Jack Sen either created and/or weaseled his way into under an alias, and used them to promote himself.


You’ll also notice he calls himself an Afrikaner in order to better appeal to his audience, when in reality the man is half Indian and grew up in New York!



Oh, yeah – he hijacked the “Smash Cultural Marxism” name and logo after being asked to leave after having wormed his way into the page.

(You’ll notice he comments on his own posts while pretending to be a different entity quite a bit)

1 4 3


There seems to be a limitless supply of these images I can show you, but I’m sure you get the idea – and I don’t need to waste both our time doing so.

Both Jack Sen and Gio pander to South Africa

Giacomo Vallone first built his following by exploiting the terrible situation in South Africa – and continues to do so. The article he admits being most proud about is not one about the deaths of White South Africans, but dog-rape. While any voice that raises awareness about South African genocide is a good thing (yes, even Jack Sen/Giacomo’s articles on the subject), it is the mindset Jack that makes it awful. While others do it selflessly to raise awareness, Jack seems to do it solely to raise his popularity. Jack Sen even goes so far to blatantly rip off articles as old as 10-years-old, just tweaking them enough to suit his needs. Taking advantage of someone else’s pain and suffering to garnish popularity is low as one can get.


Giacomo “Jack” Vallone panders to South Africa. Here’s Jack Sen pandering to South Africa: confessed in the comments at the Renegade Tribune that he was mixed. In this article it says, “Although the Sen family are British, with some Afrikaner and Indian heritage, Sen is described as a British patriot totally.

A bit from the EKP’s old ‘about’ page says: “..let’s say the Sikh Indian that’s owned the restaurant in my community..”

Jack Sen says, “I am foremost a British patriot.” Giacomo “Jack” Vallone says, “I am a European patriot (do NOT like the word white as it only serves to divides Nordic eurosfrom southern Meds-prefer Eur, Aryan or Indo Eur)”.

What makes this man even more nauseating, is how he tries to defame a page that’s reporting the White genocide in South Africa – calling Censorbugbear Reports a “Zionist shill” for voicing an opinion about the Jack Sen’s EKP.
Notice how it’s a “Beverly Hargreaves” – a known fake account of Jack’s – is the one causing ruckus.
In Jack Sen’s opinion, it’s better to talk about the misguided whites in South Africa, dog rape, and insulting the memories of those who have died horrible deaths by plagiarizing their original stories for “hits” and “likes”. Thankfully there are a collective handful of Boer an Afrikaner folks who have been made aware and are spreading the word in South Africa about Giacomo Vallone and his real identity, as well as his usurious and snake-like character.

Jack Sen: An Anti-White Pseudo-Nationalist

It appears obvious to anyone that has followed Giacomo Vallone for a short amount of time, that he constantly attacks the idea of ethno- nationalism. He opposes the idea a nations meant for whites only. However, it’s okay for the European nations to become racial melting-pots, as long as they adopt the “Western culture”. While this may slow the eventually “browning out” of European nations, it definitely won’t stop it. And further still, it will be impossible for non-Whites fully adopt “Western culture”, as any keen anthropologist will note, it’s the race that creates the culture – their form of civilization rising only as high as their race can maintain. Historians will note that once two or more races are mixed together, that the civilization  changes along with the people – either collapsing entirely or devolving into a lesser form of itself, as in the cases observed where this has happened to what were previously White civilizations.

1. The white race has founded all civilizations.

2. The white race remaining white has not lost civilizations.

3. The white race become hybrid has not retained civilization.

– Earnest S. Cox, White America, Congress Edition, 1925, p . 23

The failure of a nation to remain white has occurred by: 1) The migration of  the white race out the land, 2) The migration of other racial elements into the land, 3) The social or legal acceptance or racial equality and admixture.

One or a combination of these situations has lead to the decline and ruin of every great civilization. They all basically result in a displacement or debasement of the original characteristics that created and made up the civilization.

But, hey – it’s amazing whites could even get around to building civilization according to Jack Sen, since the white-nationalist Western man can hardly get along without taking a drunken whiz on a monument whilst three bites into a cheeseburger:


But it looks like when Jack Sen, posing as Giacomo Vallone, isn’t painting white-nationalists to be absolute degenerates, he’s busy denying White genocide though their displacement and debasement – as well as making sure to distance himself from ethno-nationalist movements as a few screenshots from one of his articles show us:



This a personal favourite, of which truly showcases Jack Sen’s ignorance:


He does not care if whites are displaced. He only cares to live in the comfort which White Western civilization has brought him.


He goes as far as to call ethno-nationalism “communistic in nature and opposed to true nationalism” whilst spreading his anti-white propaganda through his various Facebook pages:

 screenshot dww

Of course he has to pop in under one of his aliases and act as the ‘voice of reason’. I guess if there’s whites practicing their own culture in their own nations, it’s considered international Communism. I suppose that’s why he believes the nations (European nations, anyway) must be mixed, because if there’s too many whites in their own nations, their whiteness begins to permeate national boundaries and becomes internationalized – and we all know how too many whites living in their own locations opens the door to all sorts of Communistic practices!

If you have any doubts about his being in favour of making European nations racial melting-pots, just read the EKP’s other “about” section.

ekp about

The shameless attempt to pander to “Christians” is a nice touch (even though Jack has admitted on air that he himself is not a Christian, or anything else for that matter). If only you put forth some time and effort in your writing, then it might look like you actually gave a rat’s ass about “god” and “Jesus’s name” instead of some lazy catch-all panderer.

If Jack Sen truly was a man of quality, he would not go through the trouble of sinking to such disgusting depths. There are great examples of non-Whites lending Whites their hand – but Jack Sen is not one of those people. Hell, if Jack Sen were to embrace the fact he’s a non-white of Indian heritage and be proud of that fact, and fight for the people of which he belongs to, I’d be proud of the man – just as I am for people of African and Asian origin do the same for their own. Each and every race, and ethnicity, needs one of their own to work towards the betterment of their own people and nation. Northern India is a beautiful place, and it is home to some very great people – a few of which I have met personally – but India is largely in need of someone to step up to help and pursue their better interests. Help which someone like Jack Sen could offer if he chose to, if he wasn’t so wonting of white Western civilization, or trying to be something he’s not.

Jack Sen’s rage-fueled comments as Giacomo Vallone

Below will be a link to a collection of screenshots, which capture comments made by Jack Sen posing as Giacomo Vallone and other aliases. These comments are in all probability a drop in the pond of what he’s really posted.

Collection of screenshots of various comments left by Jack Sen:

Some comments who were not Jack Sen have been blacked-out for congruity and privacy matters. Screenshots have been collected by myself and have been sent in by others.

To make images larger, click the actions button (the gear) and click “view full resolution”.